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Cover: Underground Animal Life

Underground Animal Life

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Dig deep into the fox's den, the groundhog's burrow, and more to learn all about creatures that have adapted to life below the soil. Bright photos and carefully leveled text take the curricular concept of habitats and turns it into an adventure exploring with these fascinating animals. A featured Science Lab activity puts the readers to the test to use what they've learned and flexes their skills of observation to study the animals further. Get the hole truth about animals that live underground!

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Underground Animal Life (6 titles) NEW
Cover: Inside a Badger's Burrow Inside a Badger's Burrow NEW
Cover: Inside a Chipmunk's Home Inside a Chipmunk's Home NEW
Cover: Inside a Fox's Den Inside a Fox's Den NEW
Cover: Inside a Groundhog's Burrow Inside a Groundhog's Burrow NEW
Cover: Inside a Prairie Dog's Hideaway Inside a Prairie Dog's Hideaway NEW
Cover: Inside an Armadillo's Burrow Inside an Armadillo's Burrow NEW
Interest Level Grade 1 - Grade 4
Reading Level Grade 2
Genre High-Interest, Nonfiction
Copyright 2023
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series Underground Animal Life
Language English
ISBN 9798885091428
Title Format Paperback

SLJ Review of Underground Animal Life

Solid introductions to six mammals that live in underground homes. Photos show the animals in or near their homes, followed by a description and a clear two-page diagram showing tunnels and various rooms.

Dimensions of the underground spaces are provided for some, but an inset scaled photo of the creature conveys the size adequately. Subsequent text examines the ways that their home affects the creatures’ life cycles, ranging from child rearing to evading predators.

Full-page ­photographs provide solid visual context for physical features and behaviors described in the text, though the armadillo is the only animal depicted in the act of actually digging out its underground home.

VERDICT Useful additions to animal ­habitat sections.

Table of contents