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About Us

At Bearport Publishing, we believe that books with good writing and amazing photos are irresistible to kids. We also believe that providing kids with books they want to read is one of the surest ways to foster reading achievement. These two principles guide the development of all our curriculum-aligned books for children in grades PreK-8.

Our books help get kids excited about reading, even if they are struggling or reluctant readers. We focus on topics that appeal to young readers, such as animals, sports heroes, and scary places. With every book, we pay close attention to text length, vocabulary, and picture-text match. We limit the amount of text on each two-page spread to leave lots of space for big, bold photographs. This makes our books less intimidating and more inviting to kids.

Bearport’s titles have received many accolades, including Children’s Choices, Teachers’ Choice Awards, and honors from the NSTA, NCSS, ASPCA, and AEP. A complete list of our awards is available here. Our books have also been praised by review journals, such as School Library Journal, Booklist, Library Media Connection, NSTA Recommends, and more.

At Bearport, we value our customers’ input. If you have comments or questions, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Statement on Usage of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Bearport Publishing remains committed to a high-quality, accurate presentation of written and visual content in all our nonfiction books. While we do recognize the extraordinary potential of generative artificial intelligence for text and imagery, we also acknowledge its inherent limitations. Therefore, in our nonfiction publishing endeavors we will restrict the use of generative AI to ideation, organization, and summarization for editorial consideration. In addition, any photographic element directly pertaining to a book’s subject shall be sourced from traditional photography, thus ensuring visual accuracy to the extent possible.