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SLJ Series Made Simple: Our Greatest Adventures Review

These four volumes provide young readers with brief introductions to trailblazers of space, air, land, and sea. A two-page spread, accompanied with colorful illustrations, presents people…

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SLJ Series Made Simple: Where We Live Review

Perfect for young students learning about their communities, “Where We Live” teaches children about the physical size, basic governance, and community interactions within a city, state,…

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SLJ Series Made Simple: Totally Silly Science Review

“Take a deep dive into unbelievable science, from brain freezes to how space toilets work, in this winning new series. Each title takes a topic, such as animals or space, and presents a…

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SLJ Series Made Simple: Totally Not True! Review

This fact-packed, accessible series shows students scientific truth debunks false ideas and misinformation. Each volume opens with a “Welcome to TNT” message and explains the scientific…

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SLJ Series Made Simple: Supernatural Survivor Review

This tongue-in-cheek, guidebook-like series is geared to those seeking escape from marauding invaders. It delivers text in short bursts within “taped” boxes set against photos on colored…

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SLJ Series Made Simple: Plant-tastic! Review

Beyond roots and stems, readers will learn about adaptive protections and the myriad ways plants spread themselves around the world. Some key concepts like photosynthesis are included, with…

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SLJ Series Made Simple: Game Day Review

These bright, chipper books walk readers through the prep work that goes into getting ready for a big game. No matter what sport readers are interested in, they’ll learn that game day prep…

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SLJ Series Made Simple: Internet Issues Review

With the look and feel of a cute YouTube introductory video for youngsters, this series introduces readers to the pains and perils of being online. Gaming is more than just playing on an…

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SLJ Series Made Simple Review of That's Not a Dino!

This series guides readers through the distinction between dinosaurs and non-dinosaurs. The Pleistocene, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods are featured in various titles. Each book…

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SLJ Series Made Simple Review of Pick a Plate

Part of healthy living is knowing how to fuel one’s body. Using the USDA MyPlate model, readers are taken on a “build your own plate” story to compare and contrast choices.

There is no…

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SLJ Series Made Simple Review of Intro to Chemistry: Need to Know

Dive into the world of chemistry with the latest installment of the ‘Need to Know’ series from Bearport. Accessibility is at the forefront of these books, with text written at a second-grade…

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SLJ Series Made Simple Review of Personal Finance: Need to Know

This series delivers straightforward financial information to readers. Topics covered include credit scores, interest rates, budgeting, and saving. The author relates each subject to a…

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