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Fall 21
Featured Titles
  • Cover: School Warrior
    Be a Waste Warrior!

    Trees are chopped down to supply classrooms with paper, disposable pens pile high in landfills, and pollution from transporting ingredients for school lunches hangs in our air. What a waste! But there's a way to help. Be a waste warrior to put a stop to school waste and join the battle to save Earth! Honest text introduces some of Earth's biggest waste problems, while helpful solutions provide a way for readers to combat the issues. A final eco-activity pairs simple steps with illustrations to give waste warriors a hands-on activity to fight school waste.

  • Cover: President Joe Biden: America's 46th President
    Bearport Biographies

    Long-serving congressman, Vice President, and now President. Joe Biden’s journey to the highest position in the land has been long and winding. As a child, he didn’t let his stutter stop him from success; as a senator, he carried on despite personal heartbreak; and now, as president, we’ll see all this man can do. Learn about the spectacular life of America’s 46th president.

  • Cover: Weather
    X-treme Facts: Science

    Funnels of fire fly through the sky, rain the color of blood falls from clouds above, and bolts of heat hotter than the surface of the sun flash to Earth. Weather isn't always rainbows and fluffy cumulous clouds. Whether it's raining cats and dogs (or frogs, as it did once in a small Serbian town) or it hasn't rained a drop in years (or even a drought lasting more than a decade), weather can be wild. Discover the extreme facts about weather in this kooky book.

  • Cover: Mason versus the Tornado
    Rescued! Animal Escapes

    When tornados tore through Alabama, they ripped the roofs off houses, tore apart trees, and sent debris flying miles away. They also picked up Mason, the dog and sent him sailing away from his home and owners. Mason's family searched desperately for their beloved pet, but he was nowhere to be seen. Find out about this brave dog's slow, crawling journey back home after a tornado in this graphic adventure of animal escape. Then, learn more about the heroes that saved other animals from terrifying tornadoes.

  • Cover: John Lewis: Congressman and Civil Rights Hero
    Bearport Biographies

    From sit-ins at lunch counters to sit-ins on the Congress floor, marching in Selma to marching though the halls of the Capitol, John Lewis fought for what he believed in. The incredible civil rights activist had plenty of experience under his belt by the time he stood in front of a quarter of a million people as the youngest leader of the March on Washington. John continued on with the same passion as he turned to create change from within the government. The conscious of the congress continued to advocate for the freedom and safety of all. Learn all about the incredible life of this congressman and civil rights hero.

  • Cover: Where Do We Get Water?
    What's Up with Water?

    Turn on the tap, and water rushes out. But the water has taken a long trip to get to your home. Where do we get water? Water is all around the planet. But how does water from the stream end up in your sink? What's up with water? Explore this curricular topic through simple text paired with bright, engaging photos.

  • Cover: Mindfulness
    Calm Kids

    Think deeper. It's time for mindfulness! Learn the basic of what mindfulness is and how it can keep your mind and body healthy. Then, explore different mindfulness techniques and tips. Even try some mindfulness practices for yourself. As a great resource for social and emotional learning, this airy layout matches simple text with photos and illustrations to provide readers with the tools they need to be calm kids.

  • Cover: Slice Up Sushi
    Deconstructed Diets

    That's a wrap! A wrap with rice, fish, and seaweed--that is. It's time to deconstruct diets. Take a look at the ingredients in sushi. Learn where they come from and how they are made. Explore smart diet swaps and take a look at some of the super ways sushi is served. There's a lot to learn when you slice up sushi.

  • Cover: The Sun
    Off to Space!

    Without its light and warmth, we wouldn't even be on Earth. The sun is a powerful source of life. Learn about the closest star to Earth and all it can do. Simple text and bright, engaging photos make this highly curricular topic approachable and fun. There's so much to explore when we go off to the sun.

  • Cover: Fire Stations
    What Makes a Community? Set Two

    Take a trip to the fire station! See the gym where firefighters stay strong, the classroom where they learn, and even the beds where they sleep--when they aren't fighting fires, of course! Simple text paired with inviting photos show how fire stations are part of what makes a community!