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Featured Titles
  • Cover: Ketanji Brown Jackson
    Bearcub Bios Set Three

    Ketanji Brown Jackson has always had a passion for helping others in and out of the courtroom. She made her way from fighting for defendants without the means to fight for themselves to sitting behind the bench. Find out how Ketanji became the first Black woman on the United States Supreme Court.

  • Cover: The Gray Book
    Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions

    Emotions are like a rainbow--there is a color for every one we feel. And when the lonely feeling starts to take over the rainbow, it's time for The Gray Book! Simple activities, tips, and tricks help young readers whose lonely gray shines brightest in the rainbows of their colorful minds. They can turn the pages from front to back or back to front. They can use every single page or open the book to just one random page. Soon, the other colors of their emotions rainbow will shine with this mindfulness book that supports readers exploring their emotions!

  • Cover: Death at the South Pole!
    Doomed History

    Blowing snow and frigid temperatures were no match for even the bravest explorers. Robert Falcon Scott led his men to their death amidst the frozen landscape near the South Pole in 1912. Follow along with the true story of a doomed expedition to uncharted land. Then, review what you’ve learned with a recap timeline and a quick quiz to check how much doomed history you remember.

  • Cover: Bring Them Back Alive!
    The Limits of Survival

    When explorer Ernest Shackleton's ship got stuck in Antarctic ice, he and his crew found themselves stranded and fighting for their lives in a freezing, faraway place. Explore the exciting true story of Antarctic survivors pushed to the limits in this graphic adventure. Then, learn Antarctic survival tips and read the stories of other Antarctic survivors.

  • Cover: Cybersecurity
    In the News: Need to Know

    Computers hold all kinds of important information for individuals, businesses, and beyond. Cybersecurity is needed to keep that information safe. As computer technology advances, cybersecurity must keep up. Explore how cybersecurity works, what threatens cybersecurity, and how this technology helps people. Dyslexic-friendly font and design in this curricular hi-lo series makes current events approachable for all!

  • Cover: Autistic Distress
    My Emergency

    Sometimes a person with autism might become so overwhelmed they have a hard time controlling themselves. Uh-oh, it’s an emergency! Prepare young readers to empathetically understand and care for a friend with autism who is in distress. Learn what’s happening, how to be a helper, and ways to keep your friend safe and calm. A bright design and carefully crafted text takes fear out of emergencies to make them easier to understand.