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Spring 2022 Fusion
Featured Titles
  • Cover: Fast and Slow
    Forces in Motion

    A fast-flapping bird zooms through the sky. A tired turtle creeps along at a slow, lazy pace. Forces in motion are around us everywhere! They make things move at every speed. Explore science concepts through fun examples and simple, lively text to set learning into motion.

  • Cover: Spring Weather
    Seasons of Fun: Spring

    When the mercury starts to rise and the days stretch out longer, it can only mean one thing. It's spring! This season of changing weather brings rain, sunshine, and more. Explore all kinds of spring weather through simple, inviting text paired with vibrant images for seasons of fun!

  • Cover: Count on Me: How to Build Trust
    Life Works!

    I'm here to help! Building trust brings friends together and helps make all relationships stronger. Bright, cheerful illustrations paired with engaging photos and lively text make learning about trust fun, while hands-on activities put the social and emotional engagement into action. Explore how life works when you can count on me!

  • Cover: Minerals
    Earth Science-Geology: Need to Know

    They are in cell phones and toothpaste. Minerals are everywhere! But what do you really know about minerals? Explore how minerals form. Dig deep to see how we get minerals from rocks. And look to the streets, jewelry, food, and more to see how we use minerals in our everyday lives. Dyslexic-friendly font and design in this curricular hi-lo series makes Earth science approachable for all!

  • Cover: My Heart
    What's Inside Me?

    What is that thing pumping in your chest to help you run, dance, play, and live your life? Thump-thump, thump-thump. It's your heart! With every beat, your heart pumps blood through your body to help you keep going. It sends oxygen to the rest of your body and takes out the trash. And that's just the beginning! Explore what's inside you with fun text, bright pictures, and lively illustrations.

  • Cover: Tiny Giants: Titanosaur Discovery
    Fossils Uncovered!

    Paleontologist Luis Chiappe was searching under the hot sun in Patagonia for fossils of ancient birds when he and his team stumbled upon something even more incredible--eggshells. They found the old nesting site of something far bigger than birds. Follow along on the graphic adventure based on a true story to discover eggs from the titanosaur, the biggest dinosaur ever discovered. Then, take a trip back in time to learn all about the creatures who lived alongside titanosaurs and discover even more about paleontology.

  • Cover: Space Jobs
    X-treme Facts: Space

    Did you know that astronauts train for spacewalks by going underwater in their spacesuits? Or what about that engineers have programmed robots to explore space on their own? Astronauts, engineers, and astronomers are just a few of the many people working to help us travel into space and learn more about the universe. Discover extreme facts about space jobs in this fun and kooky book.