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Featured Titles
  • Cover: Curse of the Bambino!
    Amazing Moments in Sports

    The 2004 World Series seemed to be another losing proposition for the Red Sox who hadn't found luck in the sport since the team traded away their star player, Babe Ruth. But soon the tides would turn on the curse that had plagued them for so long. Follow the exciting true story of the Boston Red Sox finally finding victory in this thrilling graphic adventure. Then, learn about other sports curses and amazing turnarounds.

  • Cover: Animal Classification
    Biology Basics: Need to Know

    There are millions of animals on this planet. Some fly with feathers, others swim under the sea. We use classification to keep them all straight. Follow along with easy-to-understand content tied to the curriculum of upper-elementary and middle school students written at a 2nd to 3rd grade reading level. Dyslexia-friendly font and design make learning accessible and a recap at the end promotes checking for understanding to aid with comprehension. It's key biology curriculum made approachable for all.

  • Cover: A Visit to Egypt
    Country Explorers (set 3) Series

    Take a trip to Egypt! Start in the city of Cairo, where you'll find lots of history and modern buildings. Then, go just outside the city to see the Great Pyramid of Giza. And don't forget to take a boat ride on the River Nile! Learn all about Egypt as you explore the country through this fun and engaging book.

  • Cover: Disgusting Diseases
    Hideous History

    Today, we have lots of medicine that helps us stay healthy, but it the past it was far too easy to get sick. Find out all about the hideous history of disgusting diseases. This engaging hi-lo book draws in 6th and 7th grade readers with gross content while a 3rd to 4th grade reading level makes the information accessible. It's a roaring good time!

  • Cover: Axolotl
    Library of Awesome Animals

    A small salamander swims in muddy lake water. But this little creature still has its webbed feet and feathery gills. Axolotls spend their whole lives in watery homes. What else do you know about these awesome animals? Learn all about Axolotls!

  • Cover: Trailblazers in the Air
    Our Greatest Adventures

    For thousands of years, people have wished they could fly. Thanks to a few trailblazers, people soar through the air every day. Fun illustrations pair with bright photos to help readers learn all about our greatest adventures.

  • Cover: Ouch!

    Plants can't move away from hungry animals looking for a tasty treat. So, some plants grow pointy prickles, sharp spines, or threatening thorns to keep themselves safe. One poke from these plants tells unwanted visitors to eat somewhere else! Engaging photos and lively text bring an exciting look at the world of plants.