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Featured Titles
  • Cover: Baby Sloths
    Animal Babies

    Sloth mothers give birth while hanging from trees! The baby sloth grabs the hair on its mother's belly and hangs on tight for the next few months. Follow along as the baby sloth grows!

  • Cover: Marvelous Mammals
    At the Aquarium

    From the supersmart bottlenose dolphin, to the tusky walrus, and the long-nosed elephant seal, these mammals are marvelous! Explore these mammals at the aquarium.

  • Cover: Poo in the Forest
    Whose Poo?

    It's brown, hard, and hairy. But who does this poo belong to? Take a walk through the trees and learn all about forest animals from the poo they leave behind--just watch your step!

  • Cover: Carpenters
    What Makes a Community?

    I need a place to put all my books. I need a shelf! Who builds the things we use daily? A carpenter does! Read all about these important community helpers.

  • Cover: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Bearcub Bios

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg was ahead of her time--so she decided to pave the way. The Supreme Court Justice helped make decisions that impact all Americans. How did she get there? Read this book to find out!

  • Cover: The Road to Rice
    Drive Thru

    Hop aboard the Rice Bowl food truck with your rice-loving guide Mina as you drive along the road to rice. From the rice paddies, to the rice dishes on tables around the globe, you'll see it all!

  • Cover: Pumpkin Patch
    Seasons of Fun: Fall

    Explore the pumpkin patch, from how pumpkins grow, to what kinds of yummy treats you can make from ripe pumpkins. Going to the pumpkin patch makes fall fun!

  • Cover: Hansel and Gretel
    Once Upon a STEM: The Science of Fairy Tales

    Have you ever wondered how that gingerbread house Hansel and Gretel munched on in the middle of the woods stood up in the first place? Learn the STEM behind the fairy tale with the help of Professor Everafter. 

  • Cover: Sleep
    Fuel Up!

    Zzzz! Getting enough sleep keeps us happy and healthy. When we get enough sleep, we have the fuel for the day ahead! Explore the role sleep plays as we fuel up!