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Cover: Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions Set One

Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions Set One

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Our minds are full of color. But what do you do when one color shines brighter than the others? This series is the ultimate mindfulness toolkit packed with tips and activities that help readers manage strong emotions. Beautiful and engaging visuals replicate a hand-drawn doodle style while the content aids in self-awareness and personal development for young children, allowing them to find their own ways of dealing with anger, sadness, excitement, and nervousness.

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Interest Level Grade 1 - Grade 3
Reading Level Grade 2
Genre Beginning Readers, Nonfiction
Copyright 2022
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions
Language English
Number of Pages 24
Dimensions 7.75 x 7.75
ISBN 9781647475826
Title Format Paperback

SLJ Review of Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions

This series is like a comforting hug. For young children who might have trouble verbally expressing their feelings or controlling their emotions, this series provides interactive activities to help them understand what they are feeling and how to cope. Each emotion is associated with a color: blue is sad, purple is nervous, etc. In The Red Book, the author supplies a target page to throw paper at and a shout hole as alternative ways to release anger. Breathing and exercise are recommended in a number of the titles, and children are guided through their breathing sessions with tasks such as tracing shapes and blowing away clouds. Parents will appreciate The Yellow Book, which helps kids manage their excitement by doing a scavenger hunt or creating a calming zone. VERDICT: Highly recommended. This series finds so many ways for kids to express themselves in comforting and accepting language.

Booklist Review of The Yellow Book: What to Do When You're Excited

Upbeat and constructive, the Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions series (4 titles) helps children stay in control of their feelings. In this volume, yellow (excitement) shines brightest in the literal rainbow of emotions readers are asked to envision at the book’s outset. Seven exercises and activities follow–demonstrated by a yellow cartoon brain–to help readers identify this “bouncing off the walls” feeling, positively channel it, or try calming or focusing techniques. Some of the activities include doing a scavenger hunt, going outside and observing nature, and making a “calm zone.” The text also recognizes that excitement can sometimes bother others, which, in turn can feel hurtful to the excited individual; a self-esteem-boosting activity is provided for these times. A useful addition to any SEL shelf.

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