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SLJ Review of Animal Babies

These titles for younger readers provide appealing photographs supported by just the right amount of information. Each title focuses on the animal’s earliest years. Baby Horses, for example,…

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SLJ Review of Whose Poo?

These books turn scatology into a guessing game. A different biome is spotlighted in each title, with various types of poo introduced along with clues to the identity of their makers. Labels…

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SLJ Review of What Makes a Community?

Early readers will enjoy learning about some popular careers in this series. These titles introduce new topics such as laws, uniforms, restaurants, menus, power tools, and goggles. Each book…

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Booklist Review of Alien Graveyard

This entry in the Haunted History series (6 titles) recreates the dramatic events of a purported UFO crash in 1897 Aurora, Texas, using a graphic novel format. Although the illustrations are…

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Booklist Review of Danger Below!

The Danger Below! series is not for the faint of heart. Each of these high-interest volumes introduces basic facts by way of an intense fic­tion comic, divided into three brief chapters,…

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Booklist Review of Snake Cake

What do you get when you mix a green tree python with a red velvet layer cake? A recipe for some silly rhymes. This entry in the Read and Rhyme: Level 2 series (8 titles) takes on the –ake…

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Garland Independent School District Review of Farm Charm: In the Field

This book takes readers to describe what they see when in a field. The left page poses the questions, “What do you see?” and the right page describes the stock photos (ex. I see cows in the…

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Booklist Review of At Home

Using simplicity and consistent text patterns, this I Spy series (8 titles) book is an effective tool for teaching early literacy skills. A series of seven two-page spreads walk…

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Booklist Review of Fossils: What Dinosaurs Left Behind

Owen provides young, dinosaur-crazy children with a basic introduction to fossils and the work of paleontologists in this Dino-Sphere series (10 titles) entry. Incorporating a large…

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Bookworm for Kids Blog Review of Dinosaurs Hatched!

The fascinating world of dinosaurs and their eggs is brought to life and explained in a way appropriate for young dino enthusiasts.

The first two-page spread sets the atmosphere—cute,…

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School Library Journal Review of Animals On the Move!

Cute photos serve as an appealing backdrop for this series aimed at new readers. Six spreads ask a repeated question (“What can dig?”), with the answer provided below (“A mole can dig”). The…

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Booklist Review of Animals That Fly

The Animals on the Move! series (6 titles) is part of Bearcubs Books, a new imprint dedicated to supporting early literacy skills. This book uses a repetitive Q&A format to…

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