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SLJ Series Made Simple Review of That's Not a Dino!

This series guides readers through the distinction between dinosaurs and non-dinosaurs. The Pleistocene, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods are featured in various titles. Each book…

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SLJ Series Made Simple Review of Pick a Plate

Part of healthy living is knowing how to fuel one’s body. Using the USDA MyPlate model, readers are taken on a “build your own plate” story to compare and contrast choices.

There is no…

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SLJ Series Made Simple Review of Intro to Chemistry: Need to Know

Dive into the world of chemistry with the latest installment of the ‘Need to Know’ series from Bearport. Accessibility is at the forefront of these books, with text written at a second-grade…

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SLJ Series Made Simple Review of Personal Finance: Need to Know

This series delivers straightforward financial information to readers. Topics covered include credit scores, interest rates, budgeting, and saving. The author relates each subject to a…

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SLJ Series Made Simple Review of Oops! Accidental Inventions

Readers who’ve never heard the iconic Bob Ross-ism “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” will see that concept come to life in this clever, engaging series.

Some of these…

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Booklist Review of Eco Journeys

These ecology-minded offerings take everyday objects that young audiences will recognize and tell where they come from and where they end up. Facing spreads featuring full-page photos…

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Arlington I.S.D. Review of Earning Money

This book is in a six book series “Show Me the Money”: “Earning Money”, “How Money is Made”, “Money Now and Then”, “Saving Money”, “Smart Money Choices”, and “Spending Money”.

Good early…

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Arlington I.S.D. Review of Medical Detection Dogs

Part of the Heroic Dogs series, Medical Detection Dogs by Megan Peterson explains that these dogs are trained to sniff out disease such as allergies, cancer, epilepsy, and diabetes.


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Arlington I.S.D. Review of Energy from the Sun

Energy from the Sun gives beginning readers an accessible look at solar panels and how they work. Readers learn that energy comes from the sun in the forms of heat and light.

They also…

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Arlington I.S.D. review of Teachers

Part of What Makes a Community? series, Teachers by Ariel Birdoff explains what a teacher doesand some of the different types of teachers.

The text is easy-to-understand and told from the

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Booklist Review of Six Days Alone!: Forest Survivor

A dramatization based on true events, this entry in the Limits of Survival series (6 titles) follows Yang Chen, a student from China studying in Australia, who goes hiking to see the…

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Booklist Review of Filibuster

This brief book packs in a tremendous amount of straightforward, accessible information about filibusters. Two lines of informational text flow throughout the pages.

One offers four or…

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