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Booklist Review of Six Days Alone!: Forest Survivor

A dramatization based on true events, this entry in the Limits of Survival series (6 titles) follows Yang Chen, a student from China studying in Australia, who goes hiking to see the…

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Booklist Review of Filibuster

This brief book packs in a tremendous amount of straightforward, accessible information about filibusters. Two lines of informational text flow throughout the pages.

One offers four or…

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SLJ Review of Bearcub Bios Set Three

An eclectic mix of famous people are the subjects of these basic beginner biographies for the youngest readers. Facts presented to readers include Amanda ­Gorman, who was the first top youth…

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SLJ Review of Country Explorers

These country profiles give a current look at what it is like to live in different ­places. The table of contents shows that each section is two pages long, with vocabulary in bold. Small…

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SLJ Review of In the News: Need to Know

Ripped from the headlines, these books tackle important subjects in the news ranging from vaccines to the filibuster to cryptocurrencies. These titles are brimming with information across…

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SLJ Review of Colorful Minds Set Two

Using a color spectrum, readers are introduced to the expression of and understanding of different emotions they experience. For fans of Inside Out, this color coding style will feel familiar

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SLJ Review of My Emergency

What do you do when something scary happens? Aiming to prepare children for health crises and alarming situations where emotions run high, each situation presented is explained in…

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SLJ Review of Underground Animal Life

Solid introductions to six mammals that live in underground homes. Photos show the animals in or near their homes, followed by a description and a clear two-page diagram showing tunnels and…

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SLJ Review of How to Build Our World Set Two

An easy-to-understand breakdown of ecosystems from the bottom up that teaches about how each component is integral to their respective environments.

The art mixes illustrations and real…

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SLJ Review of Eco Journeys

Each of the four books in this series follows an item (piece of paper, glass jar, plastic bottle, and soda can) through its creation, usage, disposal, recycling process, and reuse.


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SLJ Review of Past and Present

For readers who look at their caregiver’s cell phone and wonder what we did before that was invented, this series is a hit. Each book talks through a very basic narrative history of each…

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Arlington I.S.D. Review of Easy Grassland Origami

This easy to follow step by step instructional origami book. I was able to create the origami. I also appreciate the book has bolded vocabulary words to go along with the different themes of…

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