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Booklist Review of Animals That Fly

Cover: Bearcub Books

The Animals on the Move! series (6 titles) is part of Bearcubs Books, a new imprint dedicated to supporting early literacy skills. This book uses a repetitive Q&A format to support new readers and show off some of the sky’s frequent fliers. A large, vividly colored photo spans each double-page spread, asking “What can fly?” on the left page. The response always appears on the bottom of the right: “A [animal name] can fly.” Even if kids can’t yet read everything, the photo will give the context clues they need. A bee, duck, bat, dragonfly, eagle, and butterfly all wing across the book’s pages, and appended teaching tips offer suggestions to instructors or caregivers for before, during, and after reading to help little ones better hone their literacy skills.

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