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SLJ Review of Be a Waste Warrior!

Cover: Be a Waste Warrior!

Adding on three additional Rs to the ubiquitous green phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle,” the new six Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, rot) express the impact everyday actions can have on the environment. The discussions one would expect are addressed such as single-use plastics, plastic bottles, composting, and biodegradable materials, but they are expanded upon and explained in greater detail. The books in this series shine a light on carbon offsetting, electronic waste, and material science as they relate to environmentalism. There is a refreshing offering of actions and swaps from washable menstrual pads to school-housed worm compost bins. Kids might not be able to have buying power for food selection or the ability to choose soaps/cleaners, but they can do classroom activities to make a difference. VERDICT Readers are encouraged to take action and be mindful about the choices they make from buying a toothbrush to washing their hair.

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Be a Waste Warrior! (6 titles)
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