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Booklist Review of Clothing Warrior: Going Green

Cover: Be a Waste Warrior!

When your favorite pair of jeans gets too torn to wear anymore, what should you do? This entry in the Be a Waste Warrior! series (6 titles) offers numerous options, from patching to upcycling, that can help readers extend the life of their clothing and shop eco-consciously, whether thrifting or choosing brands that use recycled materials. Eye-opening statistics are scattered throughout the book in “What a Waste!” fact boxes, while the main text and “Warriors Can Try” suggestion boxes focus on realistic steps readers can take to make a positive difference through their fashion choices, such as opting for natural fibers rather than synthetics. Other topics addressed include the dangers of microfibers and problems associated with discarded sneakers and clothing hangers. An upcycling activity closes this action-driven primer.

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Be a Waste Warrior! (6 titles)
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